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I absolutely loved my experience with Junction 8 Models, I now feel confident enough to sign up to some agencies, thank-you!


Age: 20
Location: Reading

My portfolio is amazing! Everything I wanted and more. Thank you for all your advice and faith in me. I honestly appreciate it so so so much!


Age: 19
Location: liverpool

My son (Sam) thoroughly enjoyed this whole experience, I couldn’t have done it without you guys! Thank you for working so well with him too, I know that kids take a lot of patience, but you handled him so well. Once his portfolio arrives, I’ll definitely take your advice and sign him onto some agencies. Thanks again guys, Jayne.


Age: 7
Location: Manchester

Just got back from my shoot and had to give you a review straight away! Can I just say how professional the team have been throughout my whole experience, and especially when I went for my shoot. High end studio definitely makes a difference. Will 100% recommend!


Age: 23
Location: London

Pictures were incredible and super-fast to arrive. The studio was funky, very professional and camera man clearly knew what he was talking about.


Age: 28
Location: Essex

The advice I received was honest and truthful. I am new to this and was feeling nervous, but I went to the shoot they set up to get my portfolio ready and got me feeling confident already! Massive help thanks all.


Age: 16
Location: Bromborough