If modelling is for you, we will provide a free advice service and point you in the right direction that you will require to accelerate your path to successfully pursue a career in modelling. We will work with you to assist you in the following areas:

  • Online assessment to determine the best way to entre the industry successfully.
  • Fashion Test Shoot to assess your suitability for modelling in front of the camera
  • Assessment day to give you the right information, answer your questions & accurately set the correct oath forward.
  • Portfolio building photoshoot – possibly the proven key requirement to enhance your chance of success.
  • One to one advice that’s personal and specific to you and your abilities. There’s no substitute for impartial industry experience.
  • Modelling school introduction – arm yourself with the best chance of a smooth and successful entry into the industry.


“The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading” David Bailey (Photographer)

Becoming a model takes more than just a pretty face. Success in modelling is a process, a step by step path to success that requires amounts of determination, hard work and continuous dedication.

Becoming a model, as with all the good things in life, will inevitably have its ups and downs but successful models do not allow themselves to become disheartened. With the industry experience Junction 8 Models has, you will learn how to tailor your approach, build a professional portfolio that stands out, and how best to promote yourself to modelling agencies.

Junction 8 Models will give you the answers to all of your modelling & Beauty questions, and equally provide you with all of the advice you will need during the processes that lead to signing a contract with any of the established modelling agencies. Our experience tells us that the key for any aspiring model is to be realistic, and in addition to look at what type of modelling you would be best suited to.

We use a 3P system which was created in house for you to remember crucial factors when entering the modelling industry.
This includes:


This is the key starting point and without the right attitude, you will not succeed in your aspiration to be a model. Over our many years in the industry, most models and agencies confide in us that there are 3 key ingredients to being successful in the modelling industry.
1. Patience.
2. Discipline.
3. Self-Confidence.
It’s important to note that there is no point having one without the other two. Our experience tells us repeatedly that you’ll need all three in equal measure.

Your Rights

You need to be aware and understand your rights as a model in order to establish and know where you stand when certain situations arise. All models will face challenges and obstacles in their new career in areas such as chasing their images, seeking payment for a job and less savoury possibilities (thankfully not commonplace) such as dealing with sexual harassment. Below are a few tips we advise to ensure that you are always protected:

As of October 2010, it was illegal for an agency to charge upfront fees. This law only applies to photographic and fashion models and if you do not fall into either category then an agency can charge you a small fee to include you on their website in a directory.

Safety Tips

The world of modelling is a very large diverse one, with many different areas emerging as the years progress & technology widens. We have prepared these tips to try and help you to ensure that you are able to stay as safe as possible in the pursuit your modelling career.
• Always avoid companies with no address or contact number
• Always avoid companies who hide themselves behind a PO Box address
• Experience teaches us that a good model is a smart model – and they always use their common sense and are not afraid to say a firm but polite NO

Freelance Modelling

NB. Freelance modelling is when a model is not signed up to a modelling agency.

A freelance model operates by marketing his or herself in the industry and finds suitable modelling work independently. Many freelance models work as part time models to earn a second income.

A freelance model is free to source their own work through modelling communities, networking events and contacting companies and clients directly. With the internet and social networking sites at your fingertips in 2018, marketing yourself has probably never been simpler or more accessible.

Many models now choose to get their work independent of agencies, giving them full control of both their earnings and career. When working as a freelance or part-time model, it is vital to maintain a personal list of your contacts as you do not have a model agent to do this for you, and it is therefore most beneficial to keep in constant contact with the photographers, contacts and other industry creative parties that you work with on each and every shoot and event.