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High street shops and brands are always looking for new models to advertise their products and services.

If you have potential, we will be in touch to book an initial assessment photoshoot.

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I absolutely loved my experience with Junction 8 Models, I now feel confident enough to sign up to some agencies, thank-you!

Your Safety Is Our Number 1 Priority

We are based in London. We have several photographic studios in London, Manchester, Wiltshire and Bristol. Our company is operational for the past 15 years. We are fully GDPR compliant and have systems in place to secure all your details. We will never share your details with any third parties. All children under the age of 18 are required to have a parent or guardian at all times during the assessment.

How does it work?

Enter your details in our easy to use online form, making sure to include a photograph that clearly shows your facial features and individualism.
Once we have received your application, we will review it and get back to you in a maximum of 72 hours.
If we think that you have potential, we will get in touch to let you know.
It could then be that we suggest a professional photographic shoot is the way forward, but each application is individual.
If this is the case, we will work with you to create a professional model portfolio.
This will ultimately accelerate your chances of becoming a model.

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Starting the road to modelling is easy, and here at Junction 8 Models we try to make it even easier by making things simple. For instance, all you need to do to start your career is register using our online form… We’ve even included a button to take you there!

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