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Junction 8 Models are welcome to applications by parents on behalf of their children looking for work in this field. Please know that there are very few restrictions on what a child can and can’t do. The key is not that the child is attractive or unattractive but rather that they fit a certain look the creative team are after. Most importantly they need to work well and look engaging in front of the camera.

Getting a child into a model agency is pretty straight forward, and possibly, from experience, the easiest of all modelling categories. Specifically, this is because modelling agencies that specialise in kids need many models to cover all the ages, types and geographic locations, and to also cover availability. In addition, children grow up fast, so there’s always a need for new entrants into age group and its modelling requirements.

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Child modelling

Benefits to both you and your child.

Junction 8 Models are proud to be child friendly and will only give you options that are safe for your child. It is important to us that children have the best experience possible and we help encourage their confidence in front of the camera.

Child modelling can be very rewarding financially and can be a lot of fun for both you and your child. By going to a modelling agency that specialises in child modelling you can be sure your child will be directed to the right place for big campaigns.

For child models, the natural ability to open up in front of new people is important, and similarly being able to perform on demand is also key. We aim to create a friendly environment for all ages.

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Child modelling

The legal side

Please know that there are quite correctly Laws regarding Child Modelling in the UK and it is important to make yourself aware of them. Your child will require a licence and they will be limited to the number of the hours they can actually work. It is also a legal requirement that that Parents or Legal Guardians have to accompany children to all shoots, so if you can’t commit to this then please don’t enter into the process.