How to become a female fitness model

How To Become A Female Fitness Model

Today, fitness models are among the most popular and sought-after models. These models have perfected the art of blurring the line amidst the fitness and fashion worlds. Becoming a fitness model could be a turning point in your life. Apart from having a significant impact on the people who follow you, it gives you an opportunity to make money while still being healthy.

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On the other hand please read the article below which shows a more traditional route into a fitness model career.

How to Become a Female Fitness Model

Physical requirements of fitness modelling

One of the good things about fitness modelling is that physical requirements are not as strict as other modelling niches like fashion and runway. In fitness modelling, your body type matters more than your measurements. You need to be lean and physically fit, with firm muscle tone. As a woman, your height should range anywhere between 5’4″ to 6″.

Other than having an in-shape body, as a fitness model, you also need to be attractive and healthy looking with great skin, a beautiful smile and glossy hair. You need to have a commercial, marketable look that appeals to a wide range of clients and consumers. If you want to become a female fitness model, here is a step by step guide to get you there:

Prepare Your Mind and Body

When getting into fitness modelling, you need to determine your “why.” Why are you venturing into fitness modelling? Is it to inspire others, earn a living, make a name for yourself, enhance our resume or to connect with a larger audience? Whatever, your reason, make sure it is not a selfish one.

Be in shape

In fitness modelling, your body is the most important tool. So get it where it is supposed to be before you launch your career and start applying. This could mean building some more muscle or losing a few pounds to get that cut and shredded frame. Anyone should be able to see you and immediately know that you are experienced in training. You must also have a significant muscle definition.

Lead a healthy lifestyle

You must be accustomed to a healthy lifestyle. Working out for barely six months will not cut it. For you to be a successful female fitness model, you need to practice what you preach and look the part.

Determine your niche

The female fitness modelling industry is open to people of all ages and colours. To make yourself more marketable as a fitness model, highlight what makes you different and unique from the rest. If you love playing volleyball, hiking, or cycling, you will appeal more to outdoor adventurers. If you are a busy mother who finds time to work out in between your work and home, you will connect better with parents.

Pick a category

You also need to pick a category of fitness modelling to work in.
• Magazines/Publications (local, national, international)
• Video/Commercials Sponsorship with supplement or fitness companies
• Advertisements
• Online/websites (blogs, online magazine websites)

Get comfortable in front of a camera

While body, love, and self-confidence is something people acquire as they get into the fitness world, conveying this in front of the camera is a task and an art in itself. Still, it is a crucial part of being a fitness model. Take the time to watch videos of how other professional fitness models do it. Look at their photos, get in front of your mirror and practice different movements to get one that best highlights your best points and a killer pose so you will be ready when you are asked to. You need to learn to be one with the camera without feeling uncomfortable.

Build Your Fitness Brand

Whether you are looking to be discovered at shows or expos, apply to email publications or model agencies, you will need to get a few business essentials ready first.

Cover letter or pitch

A good pitch or cover letter should be no longer than a paragraph long. Avoid addressing it to “Whomever It May Concern.” Instead, address it to a specific person. Include your unique points and what sets you apart from the rest in the market when writing your cover letter. Share your story and any challenges, conquers and resolutions you have gone through, why you think you are the perfect candidate for the position and how you will make their work easier. Keep the cover letter short and sweet. The goal here is to be personalized, catchy and unique.

Create a CV

A good fitness model CV should fit on a single page. It should include;

• Name
• Modelling experience if any. This section should be in list form and should add the publication name, cover, and month or year it was published.
• Special skills: Include any other special skills you may possess like yoga, basketball, pilates, and writing.
• Education/training: Do you have any degrees, acting classes or any other qualifications?
• Contact info: Include all the relevant contact details phone number, email address, social media, physical address, or website.

Invest in a professional portfolio

Just like any career, modeling requires you to put together all the necessary tools and have them on hand, including a professionally done portfolio to submit to different agencies. A portfolio, in modeling, is your main resume. It is what you will use when applying for work or approaching agencies. Find a great and reputable photographer to help you build a portfolio as a fitness model. Creating amazing images will go a long way to kick-start your career in a full-fledged way.

Your portfolio should include head and body shots. These photos should not be photoshopped or overdone. Since you are concentrating on fitness modeling, make sure to add a fitness-related snapshot in a bikini or a fitness attire. Remember, in this niche, it is all about fitness and not sexy. If you have any prior experience working for a company or agency, also include Tearsheets.

Differentiate yourself

Merely having a pretty face and great body will not cut it in the fitness industry today. Magazine editors and company executives receive tons of emails daily from other beautiful models. To catch their attention, consider offering some free content alongside your portfolio. Most companies and magazines will be highly likely to respond to you since you will also be providing a free article to work with as well. Make sure it is well written, intelligent, relevant and most importantly original.

Website Link

Are you associated with any existing blog or website that is in relation to fitness? If yes, make sure to include the link in your resume. This will help them get a clearer picture of what you can do.

Establish Social Media accounts

Finally, include links to personal social media accounts. Today, social media plays a significant role in your application. Make sure it contains content that they would love to see.

Break into The Industry

Once you are happy and satisfied with where you are physically, and you are armed with your portfolio, the next step is to break into the industry. The fitness modeling industry has many opportunities and many open doors. Different models get into the industry differently. Take your time to research and educate yourself on how to break into the industry. The goal is to find a place where you will be represented how you want to be embodied. When breaking into the fitness modeling industry, you can either get noticed or make yourself noticed.

How to get noticed

One of the best ways to get noticed by top fitness magazines, photographers, companies, and agencies is through entering a fitness modeling competition. If this is not up your alley, there are other alleys where you can get noticed including;

• Expos
• Fitness Competitions
• Mr. Olympia
• Arnold Classic

How to make yourself get noticed

Modelling agencies are a great place to get yourself noticed and find professional modelling work. When searching for a modelling agency, choose one that works with fitness models. Make sure you are working with a reputable company by checking to see if their online reviews and their record with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Other ways you can get yourself noticed include;

• Social media networking
• Email submissions
• Internet model search contest
• Work with photographers in the fitness industry


Networking is an important feature of any career or business, be it creatively or otherwise. It is crucial that you get to know those you will be working within the industry. Whether it is for guidance, advice or advertising yourself, it is essential that you know as many people in the industry, including photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, casting agents, or models.

Be Persistent!

The road to becoming a fitness model is not for the faint-hearted. Regardless of the number of times you get rejected, you should raise yourself up and try again. There are people who hit it instantly, others take months, even years and others who never get there. You will only know where you belong if you try. Be persistent, work on improving your art and keep pushing.

Hopefully, this guide will provide you with all the guidance and direct you towards the right path. Try out the different techniques outlined above and see what works best for you and what aligns with your goals. Above all, be patient and never give up.

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