How to become a bikini fitness model

How To Be A Bikini Fitness Model

Modelling is a great career path with nearly limitless earning potential. If you are always getting complimented on your looks, and you have that awesome body, you might want to consider it as a career option. However, you should know that being a professional model is not easy, especially for someone who is completely new to the industry. There are many hoops and obstacles to jump over on the journey to being any type of model. However, it is even tougher for bikini models, because in addition to these, they are also under tremendous pressure to maintain a particular body type and look.

We’ve written this article for people searching for how to be a bikini fitness model but it is worth mentioning that our role as a company is that we a are talent scout working on behalf of modelling agencies and we have the power to put you in front of people who can give your career a real boost. Simply fill in this form and we’ll do the rest, in the meantime please read on.

This article represents a typical path to becoming a bikini fitness model without our help (remember we can help you !)

Here is How to be a Bikini Fitness Model

For the purposes of this article, we shall split the journey of how to be a bikini fitness model into four parts:

1. How to get started

2. How to get representation

3. How to tone your body

4. How to take care of your body

For each of these major parts, there are subtopics that further detail the main point. Let’s get started!

A. How To Begin?

If you are a complete newbie, here are a few tips that will help you get a foot into the scene:

1. Take modelling classes

2. Get your portfolio ready

3. Networking

5. Look out for scams

1. Take Modelling Classes

Modelling classes are a great way to help you build your confidence and get a feel of how the actual act of modelling is. Through modelling classes, you can also learn about how the industry operates, and the ins and outs of modelling beyond the photo-shoots and the runways. Plus, you never know who you can meet in some of these classes.

However, if you cannot afford it, modelling classes are not necessary for your modelling career. Many models have made it big without having a modelling background to begin with. Formal modelling education is not a prerequisite in the modelling industry.

2. Get your portfolio ready

You need to start building your portfolio the moment you decide that becoming a bikini fitness model is the life for you.
For your portfolio, remember to keep things simple. Dress natural, like you do on a daily basis and get someone with a good quality camera to take pictures of you. Many agencies like the authentic feeling of amateur photos of novice aspiring models. Keep things simple. Minimize your use of makeup in portfolio photos, because agents want to see what you look like naturally.

To show variety, take pictures in several different outfits. Have photos of yourself in bikinis, but also include photos of you in everyday clothes, like jeans and t-shirts. Also, include headshots and your stat sheet. Never go to an interview without your portfolio.

3. Networking

The modelling industry rides a lot on who knows who. You need to strengthen your connections. Visit agencies and meet decision makers. Even if you do not get the job, make sure they get to know you and become familiar with your face. It may come in handy somewhere down the road. Know photographers, retailers, fashion designers. Be outgoing and mingle in settings where you need to make an impression. Also, do not forget the power of social media. Get your name out there. However, that’s where Junction 8 Models come in – submit your application to ourselves and we can open these doors for you.

4. Look out for scams

The model industry is full of people who would want to take advantage of unsuspecting newbies. Companies may want to scam you to pay fees to model for them because they know you are desperate to get the exposure. Do not pay agents before they do any work. Do not fall for scams of people who claim you need to take advantage of an opportunity now before it is gone. Do your research, look at websites and make sure they are legitimate. Ask for referees. Protect yourself.

B. What To Do If You Want Representation

Sometimes, going about it solo is not enough. You need a dedicated representative to get you those gigs. We can handle the process for you and we invite you to submit your application through ourselves but generally speaking here is what you have to do if you were to do it alone:

1. You need connections

2. Do your research

3. Apply through agencies

4. Know the right type of photos to send out

5. Be nice to people

1. You need connections

The best agencies need to have heard of you before they can even touch you. This comes from recommendations. If you hear about small shoots or legitimate jobs, take them even if they do not pay much. Instead, reap value by getting to know as many people on there as you can. Somewhere down the line, they might get you in contact with the agency of your dreams.

2. Do your research

What do these agencies need? Do you meet their requirements? Check out websites like to look at more established agencies and see how they work. Find contact details of as many legitimate agencies as you can and apply to them. There are agencies that cater solely for bikini and swimsuit models, and sometimes they are easier to get into than more established fashion model agencies. Consider checking these out and applying.

3. Apply to Agencies

Before reading this step – please remember that WE CAN HELP YOU! Simply submit your application through ourselves otherwise is you plan to go it alone here is a guide for applying to an agency directly. If they are accepting applications, apply. Send as many emails as you can, every day without fail, until you secure representation. Work on your application and make sure it is clear and concise. A few things to include:

– Your stats: basic information like eye colour, hair colour, height, weight, body measurements, dress size, shoe size, and your age. Do not include unnecessary information.
– Contact information: phone number and email are essential
– Do not include a list of referees. Let the agency talk to you directly if they are interested.

4. Know the right type of photos to send out

Do not include pictures that have not been specifically taken for the purpose of applying to agencies. Some agencies have a specific set of requirements of the type of photos they want you to send in. Read up on these requirements and meet them. Do not send group photos. If you are asked to send a video, a simple 60-second video of yourself will do. If you have professional photos from a magazine you have worked with before, send these in too.

5. Be nice to people

Your personality goes a long way in this industry. You never know who can help you or ruin you in future. Be nice to everyone, and be genuine. Have a pleasant personality, and be likeable. Your social media pages should also express your personality. Show your potential employers that you are easy to work with.

C. Toning Your Body

As a bikini fitness model, there are essential parts of your body that literally sell you. Here are the parts you need to focus on:

1. You need a flat tummy

2. You need a toned butt

3. You need slim thighs

1. You need a flat tummy

You need a flat tummy if you are going to be showing it off all day. There is only so much photoshop can do, so it right and do your research on the types of exercises you need to do to get a flat tummy. Get that flat tummy and maintain it.

2. You need a toned bum

Your bum needs to be toned and tightened. Again, read up on all the exercises you can do to lift it and to tighten your muscles so that they can better fit into those bikini bottoms.

3. You need slim thighs

Bikini fitness models need to have slim, toned thighs. Do daily thigh and leg toning exercises and make sure you are always camera ready.

D. Taking Care Of Your Body

As a bikini fitness model, your body is your temple. It literally and figuratively feeds you. You need to take care of it and make sure it is always in money-making condition. Here is how:

1. Take a healthy approach to losing weight

2. Hydrate

3. You need to make sure your lifestyle is healthy

1. Take a healthy approach to losing weight

Calculate the number of calories you need to take in to achieve the right body type for you, and focus on that. Exercise regularly, and do not starve yourself to lose weight. Eat healthy foods from all food groups.
Consider eating more meals but in smaller portions. Studies have shown that this is a great way to stay full throughout the day while reducing overall food intake. Consider having at least five small meals every day. Make sure they are healthy meals.

Diet plans are very effective, but they should never be used for an extended period of time. This is because since some of them can be very intensive, they can adversely affect some body systems, affecting your overall health. They work great for detox purposes, though, where you eat them for two or so weeks and then go back to your normal diet.

2. Hydrate

Drink lots of water! It’s good for you! Water intake has too many benefits to count. Just drink lots of water throughout the day and you will see the benefits it has in no time at all.

3. You need to make sure your lifestyle is healthy

Generally, to be a bikini fitness model, you need to overhaul your entire lifestyle if you haven’t done so already and replace everything with healthier habits that build your body and mind. Do not aim for an unhealthily low body weight. It is not worth the health risks. Exercise regularly, eat well, interact with people. Remember, in this business, you need a thick skin. Your agent might call you “too fat” and ask you to shed some weight. Do not go on a fast because of a few criticisms. Have a positive body image of yourself, and promote this positive body image to others through your modelling.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a bikini fitness model is not easy. It takes a lot of work, commitment, patience and resilience. However, once you get there, it is a very rewarding profession.

In summary, here is how to be a bikini fitness model:

1. Get started

2. Get representation

3. Tone your body

4. Take care of your body

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