Most frequent questions and answers

Emphatically NO! Junction 8 Models is not an agency and doesn’t find models work may we be crystal clear about. Our function is to help aspiring models to take the first few steps to be able to break into the highly competitive modelling industry, from many years of experience, to assist in allowing you to confidently start approaching the right agencies for work, armed with the right tools, knowledge & information.

100% YES!, a portfolio is THE initial key to your success-think of it as your CV to enter the Industry. Your Modelling portfolios demonstrate to prospective customers your ability & versatility and will showcase your full potential as a model to all prospective clients for the correct opportunities you and experience proves therefore that the better your portfolio is, the higher the chance of getting signed with an agency and finding work soon thereafter will be.

Every model, without exception, will need to pay for their portfolio. Top fashion agencies typically invest and build portfolios for their models and also take a large figure from their first pay for doing so, however not every model is lucky to sign to a top fashion agency as they have very stringent requirements & conditions for acceptance.

Again 100% YES! You will always need professional images to market yourself as a model, however also be aware that there are some companies and agencies that will request natural images as well as professional images before making a decision.

JUNCTION 8 Models is operated for Thomas Street Studios (registered office address: Unit 3 Gateway Mews Ringway, Bounds Green, London, N11 2UT) operating at 45-47 Thomas Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1NA & The Photo Studio Group LTD (registered office address: 95 South Worple Way, London, SW 14 8ND, correspondence address : 16-17 Little Portland Street, London W1W 8BP, studio address : 57 Great Titchfield St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 7PN). Which in turn operates studios in both London and Manchester. Whilst both serve different purposes they have worked closely together for many years. We would actively encourage you to compare our work to the work of others.

Here’s the plain Truth-No Agency will guarantee work. Whilst they can represent you and market you, some more passionately & proactively than others from experience, it is ultimately the creative decision-makers who organise the shoots to choose which model they want to work with, and they do that by looking at your portfolio-hence the critical nature of getting this right at the outset.

‘How’s Long is a Piece of String’? In practicality, this again depends on what the clients are looking for. There are many success stories where models start picking up jobs from the moment they sign up till 3 months after they sign up, but we can’t give a guarantee and it would be wrong to do so, but we will assist you in greatly increasing the chance of gaining work in modelling faster. Please note also that this can be directly linked to new trends, new fashions, and new companies in an ever-changing market.

Good Question! – Rates for models really depend on the different of different and can vary by region also. Some rates can be hourly and others daily, but once you are signed with an agency you should be given a very clear understanding of all rates, the percentage your agent will take from your earnings, and remember that you can and should refer back to your contract to keep track of your earnings.

Modelling will often involve travelling and this does depend on the location of shoots and castings for you to attend. Usually, your agent will arrange your travel but your flexibility & willingness to travel will directly influence your earnings potential please remember.

Agencies once engaged represent you and find work, but it is completely up to you to decide which castings & shoots you would like to attend (the where & the when!). You should never be afraid to say no. If you are in full-time education your agency will be fully aware and should only call you on the weekends and holidays so that your studies are not interrupted.

It is a fact that most models within the modelling industry do not get exclusivity contracts – they work on a freelance basis. This can have its benefits because it means they are able to work with more than one agency, and as the workload increases, they decide which agency work takes preference based on their individual criteria.

Thankfully the modelling industry has undergone a major overhaul in recent years, and no longer do you have to be a size zero to be successful. In 2018 most of the world’s top designers have banned size zero models from appearing in catwalk shows. It is however very important to be totally realistic and to always approach the correct agencies with the right style & content within their portfolio.

That’s a changing pattern in truth!  In years gone by tattoos were not a good way to ensure entry & progress in the however they are now much more widely accepted, depending on their type, size and location. With about a third of young people in our client base now having a tattoo, advertisers have belatedly come to recognise that their target market not only want to view models with tattoos but frequently have some form of body ink themselves.