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For reasons that we’re pleased to acknowledge, the modelling industry has undergone tremendous change in recent years, and thankfully casting directors are usually looking for real women to front their real campaigns (a well-documented example is the recent campaign of the Dove Girls, who are all healthy attractive, real women with curves, all working as professional models).

Thanks to companies such as Simplybe.com and Bravissimo who have assisted the move in plus size models, you will now find that a lot of familiar high street clothing brands will alternatively show a plus size section online.

We are keen to encourage men and women of all sizes to gain confidence in front of the camera and in day to day life to embrace their bodies and help move away from size 0 models.

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plus size modelling

Remember Your three p’s!

Portfolio – It is crucial to have a professional portfolio when applying to different modeling agencies.
Personality – Despite being able to take a good picture, modelling agencies also look out for outstanding personality charactetistics.
Persistence – No Pain, No Gain. In order to be successful, determination and focus is key.


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Plus sized modelling

There’s no I in team

We can assist you in creating a professional, attractive Female model portfolio that acts as your CV in this competitive market, getting noticed needs professional assistance. You must accept that nothing in modelling comes with a guarantree, so make sure you enter with a supportive family and close friends group.

We have a team of experienced industry professionnals who will help you establish the right type of Female model to become. We can set you on the right path for many opportunities which may include High Fashion, Editorial, Commercial Health and Fitness, Lingerie and possily promotional modelling.

Having a professional & versatile portfolio is key to showcasing your best abilities and making them visible to the widest possible audience.