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Grasping the basics

Like most people, you may be thinking that theres not much potential within the modelling industry with males. Well you are wrong. The potential and opportunities that exist within the modelling industry for males is immense.

Your best chance of work for any newcomer is acknowledging the ability to identify and recognise the most suited areas of the market, then seeking out the most suited modelling agencies with the greatest opportunities in those areas.

Contrary to the first impressions of many, being good looking with a good body is not enough by itself to become a Male Model. The ability to be comfortable, natural and likeable is key to stand out against your competitors.

People recognise confidence through your body language, posture and how you hold a conversation. Don’t worry if you’re not the most confident person in the world, just be relaxed and friendly and you’ll already be half way there.

You must take care of your appearance by looking after your skin, hair and body and be on top of your exercise.

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Remember Your three p’s!

Portfolio – It is crucial to have a professional portfolio when applying to different modeling agencies.
Personality – Despite being able to take a good picture, modelling agencies also look out for outstanding personality charactetistics.
Persistence – No Pain, No Gain. In order to be successful, determination and focus is key.


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There’s no I in team

Once you have established that you have the correct look, talent and determination, we can assist you in your quest to become a successful Male Model.
Critically you will require a strong, attractive, versatile portfolio to sell yourself to casting directors. This is where our team of experts can use their knowledge and experience to help you put together a fully functional portfolio.

We have a team of experienced industry professionnals who will help you establish the righ type of Male model to become. We have a wide set of skills and knowledge to help guide you in the right direction, making sure you are choosing options which are realistic and beneficial specifically to you.