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What is commercial modelling

Commercial Modelling is the largest area of modelling in the UK. Commercial Models have the ability to establish very successful and rewarding professional careers.

Commercial Modelling is a generalised type of modelling as it includes appearing in catalogues, advertisements, magazines and various digital platforms.

In the UK market alone, there is a multitude of opportunity of areas for Commercial Models. As Commercial Modelling is so varied, there are opportunities for Female Models, Male Models, Child Models, Fitness Models and many more.

Requirements for commercial models are varied as each commercial director wants a different look and feel. It’s reassuring to know that, despite what you hear from others, many of the successful commercial models in the UK today look like every day (normal!) people.

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Successful commercial models separate themselves from the rest as they have the ability to express and convey emotion and are able to repeat the exact same look repeatedly upon demand.

The demand for commercial models in the UK is increasing as more and more shops are going online. This can be financially rewarding with a lot of companies in competition to find a model that is recognisable and identifiable with their product.


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Once you are set and happy with the area of commercial modelling that is right for you, we will help you set up a professional portfolio which you will use to sell yourself to various modelling agencies. Getting your portfolio needs professional assistance to ensure you stand out from the rest. However, nothing comes with a guarantee, you just have to keep putting in the effort and try again until you find something else.

Our team of experienced professionals will help guide you into the right area of Commercial Modelling.

Having a professional & versatile portfolio is key to showcasing your best abilities and making them visible to the widest possible audience.